January 3, 2010

Bedroom Curtains From Sheets?

It has been extremely cold in N.C. the past week with windchills below zero, so I took advantage of my warm and cozy workroom to catch up on some delayed decorating projects. I decided to make curtains for my bedroom, a project that I had been putting off since last summer.
Part of the reason that I have procrastinated is that I have oddly sized windows that measure 36" by 48". This makes it almost impossible to find ready-made curtains. I have used blinds with valances and short curtains; however, I really love the elegant foor to ceiling look. So sewing my own custom curtains was my best solution.

In the picture you can see my old short curtain on the right, and the new curtain on the left. WOW!! What a difference!! I loooooovvvveeee them!

I chose sheets with a creamy beige background that complimented my wall color, but they also have thin vertical black stripes which add contrast and coordinate well with the other black accents in the room.

I fashioned these panels out of four full-sized flat sheets that I purchased for $32. These curtains were a HUGE SPLURGE and are one of the most expensive items in my bedroom. Twin sheets could have been used, however, I like the fuller look. Also when using this method, it is important to keep in mind that most sheets are thin and do not offer much in the way of light filtering. 
This was an extremely easy project. The edges of the sheet are finished, therefore it is not necessary to hem the sides or the bottom unless you desire a short curtain. Also, these curtains are hung just a few inches below the ceiling level to trick the eye into believing that the window is really much larger. It also causes the edges to fall at exactly the right length so no hemming is required.

The majority of labor is from making the rod pocket which is used for inserting the curtain rod for hanging.   
1.  Measure your window and decide upon the desired length leaving approximately 5 -6" additional inches of fabric at the top for the rod pocket., and another 2.5'"for the bottom hem. Cut fabric accordingly if needed. (NOTE: I did no cutting whatsoever for my project).
2. From the top, fold the front side (the side which you will look at from inside the room) of the material  over onto itself 3"',  2.5' from the top , and sew your seam. (The band at the top of my sheet was white so I made that my turn line, as I didn't want the white to show.) Put your pins in horizontally every few inches along the seam line.
HEMMING INSTRUCTIONS: (For those who altered the length of the original sheet)
1. From the bottom, fold the front side over onto itself 2.5". Pin in place and sew 2" from the edge to complete.
*** f you don't sew, or want to make it even easier, you can use hemming tape. Just follow the instructions on the package.   

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