January 1, 2010

My Under $200 Fully Decorated Centsibly Chic Living Room

I just wanted to share some pictures from my Centsibly Chic home. Most of these pictures are in-progress photos that I took as I was decorating my living room, which the final project cost for the entire room was less than $200 (and YES that includes the furniture)!!

The white antique octogon shaped table was my aunt's, it had a dark finish before I painted it.  The metal lamp on it was a flea market find for $2 that I also painted white. The cute little candle holder was only $.75 at a yard sale.

The white wall plaque had a dark wood finish and the metal center was painted black
 was a splurge, I paid $10 for it. The white tin vase, another yard sale find was $2. The tall  item was gold  and the $.50 candle holder had a dark green finish. I used a spray primer on them before I painted them with Rust-Oleum Heirloom White spray paint.
The gorgeous floral oil painting is one that I purchased at a yard sale for only $2. It consisted of the canvas only and was missing a frame. The frame that you see here was FREE and salvaged from a broken mirror, and to my delight, was a perfect fit. Originally the frame had an outdated shiny gold metallic finish, so I primed it and painted it with Rust-Oleum satin Heirloom White satin spray paint. The frame already had mounting brackets attached, so I simply inserted the canvas in the frame and hung it on the wall.

The love seat in the next picture was also FREE, however it has a horrible large floral 80's print in blues and oranges, but the love seat itself was in great condition. So to update its look, I covered it with this soft green floral embossed-look slip cover that I found at a yard-sale for a mere $5!! What a bargain! To accent it, I then purchased some coordinating fabric remnants in a soothing green and yellow floral print at a local fabric outlet store for $4. I then covered the old matching blue and orange pillows. 

As you can see in the above photo, another fabulous find that I added as a room accent are these great candelabras. They were given to me by a friend who felt that they were outdated. This picture contains both the before and after look of the candelabras. As you can see, the gold finish was peeling off and did make them look very dated. To refurbish them, I sanded each item to remove the loose and peeling paint. Next I primed them and spray painted them to match the floral oil painting's new frame and added these sage green taper candles.

I then placed them on either side of the floral oil painting as accents.

My favorite piece in my living room however is my television cabinet. It was a thrift store find which I purchased for $35. It was in poor condition but was solid maple. Tho original finish was a medium wood-tone. The sliding doors were off track. It was heavily scratched and had a few minor dings. This project was much more labor intensive than the rest of my living room projects, but was so worth the effort and elbow-grease.

First I sanded all the exterior surfaces and repaired the door tracks. Then I primed and painted the entire piece. This was also my first stenciling project where I stenciled the elegant design on both doors with store bought stencils and craft paint that I got on sale at a thrift store for $2. Then I antiqued the piece with antiquing glaze. I then replaced the old dark gold knobs and drawer pulls with some that I already had, which I also painted and antiqued.

The tall candle holders on either side of the TV are actually lamp bases I found at the thrift store For $2 each.
Almost every single item in the picture above is a frugal find makeover project so I will include more of them in future posts.

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