March 3, 2010

.50 Picture Frame Makeover with Vintage Script

It has been impossible to go outside to spray paint with all the extremely cold weather, wind and snow. Since I have neither a garage or basement, I must impatiently wait for warmer weather to do any big projects.

However, winter is a perfect time to take advantage of being snowed in to complete a few smaller scale projects.

One of the smaller projects I worked on this week is a small angel picture frame I found at Goodwill for only .50 cents. It had a wrinkled piece of plastic inside the frame instead of glass. I simply removed it. 

I painted the frame a soft off-white and instead of putting a picture inside the frame, I placed a piece of scrapbooking paper that I had stamped with words in a beautiful French calligraphy script and cut to size.


Snow Again! Asheville becomes a Winter Wonderland!

Here it is the first of March and we already have another snow, seven inches this time!!  Here are a couple of shots of my front yard.
The snow turned Asheville into a beautiful winter wonderland. Although it is cold, there is no wind, so it has been very tempting to go outside and enjoy the scenery with everything coated under a beautiful blanket of white.