Friday, February 18, 2011

Metamorphosis: The Beginning

Artist: Emerald De Leeuw (
Earlier today I sat down at my keyboard intent on selecting one of several "in-progress" manuscripts to concentrate on and complete as my first novel. As I was reviewing them, one particular story titled "Metamorphosis: the Beginning" resonated with me. A tale that recounts a young woman's transformation and spiritual rebirth matched exactly where I am currently on my own life path as I transition from life as a Crime Scene Investigator and Law Enforcement Officer to becoming an author.  
Here's a little sample from Chapter 1 for your review:
" Wringing her sweating hands together, Victoria Huntington continued running the details of her escape plan in her mind. She couldn’t afford to make any mistakes. The Sanguine moon of her twenty-first year was less than a week away and at that time, as the last living female descendant of the McKlaugh coven, she would receive an infusion of power and would assume her mother’s long vacant role as Berkshire’s Grand Sorceress. There was just one problem. As the Grand Sorceress she was bound by coven law to mate with and serve the coven's Grand Master, Mason Dechlan, who was also her legal protectorate. He had managed to manipulate the coven's tenants to gain full legal control over her in the years immediately following her parent's questionable deaths, and once he was able to tap into and manipulate her powers, he would become the most powerful warlock in history... unless... she stopped him."
I look forward to your feedback but please keep in mind that this is just a preliminary draft of a work in progress.   

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  1. Looking forward to finding out how she stops Mason, it sounds very intriguing.