Friday, April 15, 2011

Rechelle's Diary: 4/15/11 - Staying On Course vs. Going With The Flow

I think the hardest thing about pursuing my career as an author is staying on course with a single manuscript. Putting everything I have into a single creative project has never been something that has been very easy for me. That is why when I decided to pursue a career as a published author, I began with not one, but two projects to complete for publication. The first is a paranormal/fantasy romance and the second is a romantic intrigue novel.

Although I am committed to finishing both of my current manuscripts because they are both great stories, I find that my mind is constantly bombarded with other new and equally exciting story ideas? I have almost filled a journal with new ideas in the last couple of weeks and am several chapters into a new historical erotic romance. I have notes for multiple genres including: paranormal romance, romantic intrigue, contemporary romance, crime drama, and fantasy.

I have never before felt such a creative frenzy within myself. I have heard of the all too common problem of writer's block, but is there a term that describes idea overload? Should I really focus on staying the course and forcing myself to work only on the original two manuscripts when my creative juices are flowing so freely? What if I lose all those wonderful ideas that have been funneling themselves to me so abundantly?

Is it possible that I will only create ideas for stories and never complete a finished manuscript if I am unable to reign in my wandering mind;or should I simply give thanks for this burst of creative energy, follow these ideas where they lead, go with the flow, and perhaps be led to something even better? For now I am choosing the later and hoping that I will be rewarded greatly down the road with a bookshelf full of published books with my name on the cover.


  1. Hi Rechelle - I, like most writers, I suspect, have the opposite problem. Unless I'm sitting down really focused on writing, the ideas don't flow. That's why I've started writing a blog entry every day ... and treating it as a creative writing challenge. Now I'm in the habit, it's all beginning to flow again.

    For you, why not use some of the overflow ideas in a blog, so you have them fixed somewhere you're not going to forget them. Then when you're done with your first two novels, you may already have a third and fourth underway.

  2. @Alain - I definitely think I should run with this burst of creativity while it lasts and take full advantage before the other side creeps up on me!