August 23, 2011

Pier 1 Imports - Clearance Clock - Pier One Imports

My daughter and I had spent the day looking for a clock to match her teal decor without success. However at the last store we visited, Pier 1, we found a beautiful mantle clock with antique scrolling on the front, and it was on clearance! It had originally been $24.95, but was marked down at 75% off!! She loved the design and thought it would be perfect for her living room except it was a horrid mustard yellow color! Seeing the potential, I said "I can paint it."

I really liked the raised detail on the clock and wanted to highlight it so I took a candle and rubbed it over all the raised areas before painting it. I then painted it our favorite teal color, Light Eucalyptus Green from DecoArt Patio Paint.  I allowed the paint to dry and then I lightly sanded all the raised areas that I had rubbed with wax to reveal golden highlights.

Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted the before picture, but I think it looks better this way. My daughter was very happy with it.

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Have you found any terrific items on clearance at Pier 1?

August 19, 2011

Dollar Tree Frames Makeover

One of my favorite stores is the Dollar Tree, where all items are only $1, from make up to painting supplies. While I love finding bargains on necessary items, it's the search for decorative items that keeps me going back.

I found 4 of these wooden frames with the adorable appliques. I knew that once I
painted them white they would be transformed to my favorite style, "shabby chic".

I primed and painted them white, I loved how they looked. But what to put in them? I had some sheet music, scrap -booking paper I had been wanting to use and a set of alphabet stencils I had bought at A C Moores with a 50% off coupon. So I cut the paper to size and stenciled a letter on each one. I also had an unfinished coat rack I had found at a yard sale for a $1 that I painted black, sanded and antiqued. So why not hang the frames on it?

What do you think?  I would love to see your Dollar Tree transformations.

August 13, 2011

More Teal Makeovers

I enjoyed redoing the votive candle holders for my daughter so much, that I got inspired by the teal color. So I just couldn't stop there.

I found a jewelry box at Goodwill (I really love that place!) for $5.00. It was in relatively good condition but was just an ordinary brown wood with dull gold metal pulls. Since I still had some of the patio paint that I had mixed to get that beautiful teal color, I couldn't resist the challenge of repainting the jewelry box to match the votive holders.
The first thing I did was to remove the hinges, glass panels, and doors so I could sand and prime the interior and exterior surfaces. There was also a mirror inside that I taped and covered with paper to protect it from any stray paint.

After priming I painted the wood surfaces teal and the hinges, pulls, and screws silver.
While I was cleaning the two glass panels before reinstalling them, I accidentally broke the side glass panel. I cried tears of frustration snce I didn't have another glass panel to replace it. However, my tears were short-lived as I came up with a  solution. As a temporary replacement, I simply cut a piece of heavy carboard to size and painted it the same teal color. Meanwhile, I'm still looking for another panel of glass.

In my enthusiasm, I forgot to take a before picture, but here is the finished product. My daughter absolutely loved it and has no idea (at least she had no idea before I posted this) that there was ever a side glass panel there.

Thrift Store Style - Candle Holders

I found two of these votive holders at a local thrift store for $1.00 while I was looking for something that would match the motif of my daughter's bedroom which is teal with a leaf pattern.

I liked the leaf design and the distressed metal look; however, my daughter prefers her accents to be colored. Since it's much harder to find the pattern than it is to find objects in the right color, I decided to paint them to match her other decor.

The first step when repainting any kind of metal surface is to prime the object. Then you can apply a patio paint of your chosen color to the exterior. You could also paint the interior the same color or you could choose a bolder, brighter color for some contrast. 

If you choose not to paint the interior or to paint it a contrasting color, it helps if you tape off the area just below interior edges to leave a smooth, straight line. I chose not to paint the interior because when the votive's are lit, it casts a soft golden glow.

What a difference a little bit of paint can make!