August 19, 2011

Dollar Tree Frames Makeover

One of my favorite stores is the Dollar Tree, where all items are only $1, from make up to painting supplies. While I love finding bargains on necessary items, it's the search for decorative items that keeps me going back.

I found 4 of these wooden frames with the adorable appliques. I knew that once I
painted them white they would be transformed to my favorite style, "shabby chic".

I primed and painted them white, I loved how they looked. But what to put in them? I had some sheet music, scrap -booking paper I had been wanting to use and a set of alphabet stencils I had bought at A C Moores with a 50% off coupon. So I cut the paper to size and stenciled a letter on each one. I also had an unfinished coat rack I had found at a yard sale for a $1 that I painted black, sanded and antiqued. So why not hang the frames on it?

What do you think?  I would love to see your Dollar Tree transformations.

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Layn @ said...

These frames are too cute. I love looking for things to make over at the dollar tree too. I made some apothocary jars from items from the D.T. :-) Love them. Here's the link: (in case you want to see them).

I love your adorable makeovers. Your blog is so cute!