Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shabby Chic $1 Coffee Table Makeover

I needed a new coffee table and wanted one with a bottom shelf that I could use for storage (like the one pictured below from Bella Rose Cottage), and I wanted my table to have a Shabby Chic finish.

The problem was these beautiful coffee tables sell for around $220 which was definitely beyond my budget! So I made it my mission to to scour yard sales and thrift stores and find something as close as possible to refurbish.

I looked for months without success. Then finally, one Saturday morning I was on my way home from my regular weekend treasure hunting trip, when I spotted a yard sale sign I had missed earlier. It was late in the day and my first thought was that all of the "good stuff" would already have been snatched up. But thankfully, something drew me in and I stopped.

To my amazement, sitting there in a pile of marked down left over items was a small rectangular coffee table with a bottom shelf. I squealed with glee at my luck! I couldn't believe no one had snapped it up. Then again it was painted an ultra high-gloss, bright white and one of the legs had been stripped down to bare wood.

I put on my best bargaining face, expecting to have to jockey down the price, and approached the seller. I asked her the price and was shocked by her response! She told me that she just wanted rid of it and quoted me a firm  $1 sale price. I knew I could transform this eyesore into my "shabby chic" dream coffee table. So I happily paid her and took my treasure home.

I actually didn't need to do much to transform it. First, I sanded it with a fine grit sand paper to remove the high-gloss shine.

Then to ensure a Shabby Chic look, I distressed it by sanding all of the edges and raised areas with a medium grit sandpaper.

Next I antiqued it by applying Folk Art 'Woodn' Bucket Brown' Antiquing Medium (#817). You simply wipe on the antiquing medium with a clean cotton cloth, and then wipe as much or as little as desired until you get your perfect weathered, antique look.

For storage, I added some inexpensive baskets that I found at Wal-Mart.

So what do you think, wasn't that a $1 well spent?

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  1. Way to go getting that awesome table for $1! BTW, your "Home" link up top isn't working, goes to an error page...

  2. Colleen, thanks so much for bringing that to my attention. The problem has been resolved and it is working correctly now.

    The coffee table was the best bargain I have ever found. Don't you just love yard sales.

  3. What a deal!! It looks great! The Folk Art antiquing paint... is this the paint you find at Hobby Lobby in the craft paint section?

  4. Dawn, Unfortunately there isn't a Hobby Lobby where I live. I have Michaels and the Folkart Antquing Medium was in the Folkart craft paint section. Hope this helps.

  5. Yes, that helps out a lot. Thanks for responding :)