September 8, 2011

Cookbook Dilemma Solved ~ More Kitichen Storage Ideas

Half of my cookbooks now have a home on my kitchen counter and they are much easier to see and more accessible. With no more counter space available I needed to find a new home for the rest.

While I was searching through my shed trying to find something to put them in, I came across a wooden crate I had bought at a yard sale months earlier. It already had a nicely distressed shabby chic finish, so I was thrilled to find something that I could possibly use as is. Even though, I didn't really have a specific purpose for it at the time, I couldn't resist taking it home for a mere $1. I knew that it would fit in wonderfully in my Centsible Chic decor.

So with my distressed crate in hand, I was halfway there. I just had to find the perfect home for it and the rest of my cookbooks. I noticed that the top of my pantry was sitting empty and it just so happened to be a perfect spot for my crate.

I placed my remaining cookbooks inside and placed them on the pantry. I also added one of my Mother's Pyrex refrigerator bowls and a pretty basket a neighbor gave me. In the background you can also see my Grandmother Delia's favorite cookie jar (the hen). What creative storage solutions have you come up with in your kitchen? I'd love to see other creative ways that you have stored your cookbooks?

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