September 1, 2011

Dishes As Decor? How to use kitchen shelves to showcase your dishware.

As I was purusing the internet searching for some ideas to give my open, book-filled, kitchen shelves a much needed style make-over, I found these beautiful pictures. After seeing these, I was filled with inspiration! I really liked how the dishes act as a focal point in both sets of shelves.

As you can see below, I replaced all of my tattered cookbooks with the dishes I use most often. Most of the dishware was also bought at yard sales and thrift stores for .25 - .50 except for the dishes on the top right, which were hand-me-downs. I love how I now have extra room in my cabinets, and how my dishes do double-duty as decorative items as well. I think the light turquoise background color of the wall really makes the white dishware stand out, don't you think?

For a little additional dazzle, I also added a few of my recent small item makeovers to the wall for an extra special shabby chic look.
  • Believe Plaque - This started out as a plain old 1x4 board. 
  • White Tin Frame - This was originally a rust colored Dollar Tree Picture Frame.
  • Scroll Grate - I refurbished an old oak floor grate. 
  • Turqoise Jar - I loved the shape but not the flat brown color of this metal jar.
  • Vintage Script - I gave a plain white picture frame new life.

Coming up, I will share all the details about each of the five small makeover projects listed above and show you the steps I took to turn them into these darling elements that are so centsibly chic! Let me know what you think and feel free to link to any of your wonderful shabby chic kitchen shelf makeovers. I'd love to see them. Until next time...

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Unknown said...

WOW! As someone who saw those shelves filled with old and tattered cookbooks, I am amazed at the transformation! I too love the white dishes on the blue background. What a great idea for someone with open shelf space in their kitchen!Looking forward to seeing how you refurbished your little makeover projects as well! Great post!