October 23, 2011

Kitchen Canisters Makeover


I had been searching for a set of white canisters for my kitchen, and found a set of two, like the green one pictured above, at a local yard sale for only $1. I knew that with a little paint, I could transform them from their current Appalachian Christmas motif into some fabulously shabby chic kitchen decor.

I'm glad I decided to go ahead and snatch them up, because a a couple of weeks later, I found the exact same two canisters at Goodwill with an asking price of $6 for the set, which I certainly wouldn't have paid.

I have painted ceramics before using spray primer and paint, but I have heard a lot about Krylon Fusion spray paint, so I decided to try it for this project. Although it stated that this product could be used on glass and ceramics, I wasn't very happy with the results. The paint ran very easily and it took an entire can just to paint the two canisters (and it could still use another coat).  I had to sand the runs out. It was a very labor intensive project and it didn't need to be. I don't think I will be using the Fusion spray paint again.

I am happy with the overall look of the canisters and don't you think they look one-hundred times better white? I sure do!

I'd also love to hear about anyone else's experiences using Krylon Fusion spray paint?

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