November 30, 2011

From Depression to Hope

Do you ever loose your joy and motivation?  How do you get it back?

At times when my back pain is worse than usual  I started wondering "Why me?"  At this point depression slips in like a thief in the night robbing me of my hope, energy and joy.  There doesn't seem to be any reason to get out of bed much less tackling the seemingly overwhelming tasks of daily living like getting dressed, cleaning and cooking;  or doing things that previously brought me joy.  That's where I have been for the last week or so, not a great place to be.

This morning when pain woke me at 4 a.m. I couldn't go back to sleep as  negative thoughts were running rampant through my mind.   It dawned on me that I haven't been writing in my gratitude journal and I have been  focusing on all the things I can't do instead of the things I can.  In the past I've found I can't be depressed and grateful at the same time.  So as I start this day looking for things to be grateful  for and counting my blessings, I can feel the dark, heavy and oppressing cloud of depression giving way to the gentle rays of  light and hope of a new day dawning and the promise it holds.

November 24, 2011


Wishing everyone a blessed day filled with family, friends, fun and great food.  There are so many things I am grateful for including my family and all of you for all your lovely comments and encouragement.

November 18, 2011

Homemade Chalk Paint

I just love all the look of ASCP, but being the queen of frugal I wanted to try a cheaper version. There were several options, unsanded grout and plaster of paris found in craft stores and home centers and calcium carbonate, which I would have had to order. There was also baking soda which I had, since I was anxious to get started, I oped for the baking soda.

I had found 2 folding chairs at a yard sale for $2 each, one was painted blue and the other a battered, shinny dark wood finish. I had found some blue-green oops paint at the Home Depot and decided to use it for this project.

I used 1/3 baking soda to 2/3 paint ratio and added a little water. You do have to stir for a while, but it mixed pretty well. I was thrilled I didn't have to sand or prime before painting [except for some rough spots on the seat].  I used a brush to apply the paint mixture, it covered well and there were no brush marks. So far so good.

I wanted a distressed look , so I tried to lightly sand it but it didn't want to come off,  I ended up using my electric sander. So if you don't want to distress your piece this is  perfect, it sticks to shinny surfaces very well.

Since I didn't have any dark wax I decided to use a clear glaze I found on sale and tinted myself.  It gave it an aged appearance, [but I really want to try the dark wax in the future] I then waxed it with a clear wax.

Over all I was pleased with how it turned out. Would using less baking soda make it sand easier?  I don't know, I intend to experiment and find out and I will let you know.

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November 10, 2011

Fall in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western NC

My son and daughter-in-law visited me recently from Los Lunas, NM near Albuquerque. They arrived hoping to take in the stunning fall foliage of the Blue Ridge Mountains that surround my hometown of Asheville. Unfortunately the Fall leaf season was already over and most of the Blue Ridge Parkway was already closed for repairs, but we still managed to ride up about eight miles and enjoy some of Western North Carolina's wonderful scenery. Here are a few pics of the views just a few miles out of Asheville.

My son, Ron, and his wife, Irene at Tanbark Ridge Overlook - Mile Marker 376, Blue Ridge Parkway.

Since we could only go a few miles on the Parkway, we decided to head over to Davidson River. The weather was nice in the 60's, and there were hardly any other visitors. It was great

Next we meandered on over to Sliding Rock.  

Here I am!! 

We decided to make one last stop at Looking Glass Falls. 

We had a great time. Irene was so impressed with the majestic of my beloved mountains. I'm so glad we were able to spend some quality time outdoors together. What great memories we made that day. Now I guess I need to customize some picture frames so I can display some of these wonderful shots throughout my home.

November 4, 2011

Turquoise Serving Tray

One of my favorite places to find decorating treasures is the Dollar Tree. I love it because you never know what you will find there, and whatever you do find is only $1. So whenever I'm pondering new decorative accents, the Dollar Tree is one of the first places I go hunting.

Most recently, I wanted some type of board to pin up notes and recipes in my kitchen. So I decided it was time to make a Dollar Tree trip. This metal  tray was the solution, I could customize it to match my kitchen colors and it fit into the space under my cabinets.

First,  I primed the tray. Next, I painted the edges with Art Deco's Dark Eucalyptus Green paint after lightening it some with white paint (since they no longer carry the Light Eucalyptus Green color). Then, I antiqued the edges with FolkArt Antiquing Medium.

I had some scrap booking paper with a beautiful turquoise floral design that I loved and thought it would be perfect for my tray. I measured and cut the scrap book paper to size and then applied a layer of Mod Podge Matte-Mat to the tray and affixed the paper to the tray. I then applied two more coats of Mod Podge over the paper to seal and protect the surface. Finally, I glued a sawtooth hanger onto the back for hanging. Now I have a decorative wall hanging and magnetic board.

This was a very simple, easy and inexpensive project that is not only functional, but also also adds a huge pop of color to my kitchen. I love it!

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