November 10, 2011

Fall in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western NC

My son and daughter-in-law visited me recently from Los Lunas, NM near Albuquerque. They arrived hoping to take in the stunning fall foliage of the Blue Ridge Mountains that surround my hometown of Asheville. Unfortunately the Fall leaf season was already over and most of the Blue Ridge Parkway was already closed for repairs, but we still managed to ride up about eight miles and enjoy some of Western North Carolina's wonderful scenery. Here are a few pics of the views just a few miles out of Asheville.

My son, Ron, and his wife, Irene at Tanbark Ridge Overlook - Mile Marker 376, Blue Ridge Parkway.

Since we could only go a few miles on the Parkway, we decided to head over to Davidson River. The weather was nice in the 60's, and there were hardly any other visitors. It was great

Next we meandered on over to Sliding Rock.  

Here I am!! 

We decided to make one last stop at Looking Glass Falls. 

We had a great time. Irene was so impressed with the majestic of my beloved mountains. I'm so glad we were able to spend some quality time outdoors together. What great memories we made that day. Now I guess I need to customize some picture frames so I can display some of these wonderful shots throughout my home.


Anonymous said...

Your pictures are great! Beautiful and also look professionally shot. I live very near the Blue Ridge Mts in beautiful!

Wanda @ Centsible Chic said...

Thank you, I feel so blessed to to live in such a beautiful area.