December 3, 2011

Estate Sale Weekend Finds

 I've been trying to avoid yard sales because I have to many unfinished to do projects. However  on my way to the Library, what did I spy but an Estate Sale sign. I just couldn't pass that up.

It turned out to be mostly Christmas items, but I did manage to find a few interesting items for only $1 each. I really liked the shape and height of the above pictured shelf and you know I am always looking for unique storage pieces, so of course I snatched it up.

I am also a huge fan of metal wall hangings and I loved the textured finishes on these. With a little paint, these will make beautiful shabby pieces.

The next piece I grabbed was this traditional looking Grecian style planter. I'm not a fan of the gold, but love the shape and the detailing. I see more paint in my future.

Seeing these topiaries really got me in the Christmas spirit. I didn't really need any of them, but I think after a little paint and antiquing, they will really add something special to my holiday decor. The trees are already silver and sparkly, so I might actually leave them as they are (gasp).

All in all, not a bad haul for a few dollars. I can't wait to spruce these items up and see how they turn out. I'll keep you posted.

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